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"I've only seen two reactions whenever I mention Tempranillo, Rioja, or Garnacha.  Either they absolutely love it, or they've never heard of it." - Eric, Sommelier

Wine 201: Spanish Wines is a class for anyone who wants a chance to relax, meet new friends, and experience unique tastes!   This class is led by Sommelier Eric Taylor and will:

  • Take an in depth look at the grape varietals and wine making regions of Spain
  • Explore Spain's rich wine making history and culture
  • Identify typical pairings for Spain’s full-bodied reds and smooth whites

This class will also include a Spanish wine tasting (of course!).  Admission is $25 per person and advanced reservations are recommended.  Call or email Just A Taste today to save your seat!

T: 573-265-6506
E: JustATasteMO@outlook.com